Colorado Underwater Photographic Society
 History and Purpose
CUPS was started in the year 2001 an oddity of its own, joining together local underwater photographers for the purpose of sharing their knowledge, skills and locations of the ocean realm with any who may have an interest. We have a membership of several hundred underwater photographer their spouses and interested divers and snorkelers. Each month we provide our members and guests presentation given by notable local scientists, ocean & reef researchers, travel specialists and underwater photographers.
Our presentations may stray from underwater photography a little bit as in topside photography, wildlife and environmental concerns but they are always interesting.
If You Would Like to Present for CUPS
WE would like to invite any of you to present to our club the Colorado Underwater Photographic Society (CUPS) anything of interest to U/W photographers. This is a very casual non judgmental group so if this is your first time it's all good. Or if you know of someone you would like to suggest as a presenter please send along their contact information. (see contact page)
We at CUPS would like to invite you to give your unique presentation for our group in your areas of special interest. Generally speaking we meet at the Downtown Aquarium on the third Tuesday of each month in the classroom where sound and projection systems are at our disposal. The upcoming dates are January 19th; other dates February 16th, March 15th, and April 19th, or any 3rd Tuesday in 2016; if necessary schedule other dates but won’t automatically be able to use the classroom at the Aquarium.
If this will work for you to give a presentation please write a short synopsis and bio to be included in our newsletter; it should grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to come. Please prepare for around 40-50 minutes (split this time if there is more than one person) of talk with slides or video with about 10-15 minutes of Q&A. Please send dates of choice to Sonia Atwood our Presentation Coordinator at [email protected] and A/V Technical Advisor CC: John Gordon at [email protected] 303-477-5951 along with your contact information. Please include any questions you may have. You can bring handouts to the meeting if you like. By the way we like to include local news and events relevant to divers in our newsletters please send anything you know of along to us. (see Contact Page)
Look forward to hearing from you.
The Team at CUPS